Venezia-Spezia: post match

September 15, 2023

At the end of Venezia-Spezia, Day 5 of the Serie BKT 2023/24 championship, which finished with the result of 1-0, Venezia coach Paolo Vanoli and American midfielder Gianluca Busio analyzed the match as follows.

Paolo Vanoli:
"We knew we were facing a great team that also tonight showed a lot of quality, however my players immediately perceived the danger of the first match after the break and took the field with the right spirit and the desire to get the victory at all costs. As happened in Cittadella, we showed that we can handle suffering, and these three points are thanks to the whole group. Last year we played very well but were vulnerable at the back however I think that in Italy victories are born first and foremost from defense.
We have to work a lot from the point of view of choices, sometimes we were a bit frantic with the ball without making the right play. However, I am happy with my boys, who must be proud of what they are doing but also aware that they have several margins for improvement. This year we have managed to instill the mentality and desire to go out and get important points.
We still have to find an identity, we have a lot of ideas that we still cannot put into practice. As of today we don't care about the standings, I wanted to see a performance up to par and the boys deserved the win but to stay on top we need even more. Dreams without goals remain just dreams, we need to have an awareness of where we are and where we need to improve.“

Gianluca Busio:
"We worked hard during this break to put in a good performance today, it went well but we are just at the beginning. Clearly I would like to return to the national team, it is one of my goals. Last year was a difficult season for me but everyone always gave me confidence and I'm happy with the performance I'm doing now. We had a very good start to the season, we take the field with the aim of winning, sometimes we succeed sometimes we don't but this must always be our mentality. Having kept the framework of last season certainly helps to find the right mechanisms on the field and also the new recruits have fit in great as they are giving us a big hand, we look to the future with confidence. I'm definitely comfortable in the position I'm occupying on the field but I think I can play in all midfield roles, even in a more advanced position and I hope to find the goal soon.“