Vanoli: “It will be a match to be played smartly”

March 2, 2024

On the eve of the Day 28 of Serie B 2023/24, when Venezia will face Como at Sinigaglia stadium tomorrow at 16:15 CEST, the arancioneroverdi coach Paolo Vanoli analyzed the team's situation and the opponent.

“Our goal was to do better than last year and so far we are succeeding, in addition to this we have also built ourselves the possibility to dream and all of us are working to chase this dream. There are 11 games left, we are second and we are serene. Recovering our energy is fundamental, by now we have become a mature group and we really wanted to win last Wednesday with Cittadella, first of all for our fans and then to further improve our ranking.
Como is a great team, they deserve the points they have. It made a stratospheric January market, they play at home with a charged-up crowd after the derby win. There will be a great atmosphere and it will be an important game, that's why I told the boys that it's nice to be able to play these matches. We will have to play a match with an important technical level but also with great intelligence.
My job is also to make my guys understand when we are going to face an important game, against Cittadella they showed that they can win in different ways and this is a further step of growth. On Wednesday we showed solidity as a team and at this point in the league that is a great thing. Physically we are fine, we have been working great, we need everyone on the roster. Definitely when you play every three days it is a danger for all teams in Serie B.
Como has changed a lot on a tactical and qualitative level after the change of coach and the January market, given the level of players who have arrived. But we are there and we will have to face this important match free and serene but aware that it will be a great occasion. Since I arrived, the path we have taken has seen so many metamorphoses in the team but I am proud of my boys because we have struggled to get to play for an extraordinary opportunity. To this day you cannot work with only eleven players, an individual wins games and the group wins championships.“