Serie B 22/23: Parma - Venezia postmatch

May 19, 2023

Despite a 2-1 away defeat to Parma on Giornata 38 of the 2022/23 Serie B season, Venezia ended the regular season in eighth place and thus secured a ticket to the playoffs. On Saturday 27 May, the team will face fifth-ranked Cagliari in another away match.

Venezia coach Paolo Vanoli and captain Marco Modolo spoke to the press after the match.

Paolo Vanoli:

“This season we have accomplished quite a feat, even moving up from last place in the standings. Now we have nothing to lose and everything to gain, we have conquered another dream. We have to keep our minds clear and give all we can give, for ourselves and for the fans, who have supported us so much even in the most difficult moments.

The boys now have to enjoy the party a little bit, the recovery of energy also goes through that, after a season in which we always pushed hard, even from the mental point of view. We play it all in Cagliari, knowing that from now on we absolutely have to win. To get to great results, you have to go through work and sacrifice during the week, and great game management. The team has been good at believing in its own means..”

Marco Modolo:

“Tonight's joy is immense, if we think that only a few months ago we were at the bottom of the standings. Starting in January, something in us changed: we understood that by continuing on the path we were on, we would have risked a lot, and we were able to turn things around, thanks to the coach, director Antonelli and the whole club, which put us in a position to climb back up the ladder.

In Cagliari we expect a very strong opponent, but in one-off games anything can happen: we will prepare well, we also have a lot to lose and we want to give another joy to our fans.”