Lella: "When you go in you have to be ready"

April 17, 2024

This morning, Italian midfielder Nunzio Lella spoke at the press conferenze in Ca’ Venezia:

"We all know that Serie B is a very difficult league, every match is different from the other and victory is never assured; especially at this stage, there are opponents who play everything according to their goals. Against Lecco we know that there will be a struggle as in all matches. Every match has its own story, scoring points is always good especially at home and against a great team like Brescia. The support of our fans is fundamental, when our strength is lacking to hear them singing and cheering us on gives us the desire to go even stronger. It was not easy being out because of the injury in the last period, when I was on the bench I couldn't wait to get in, luckily the Coach gave me the chance and I tried to do the best I could, then we won and that was the most important thing.
You could see from the bench that it was a tough game against a tough team like Brescia, scoring the 2-0 goal gave us some peace of mind and my jubilation was liberating. It's important to be ready when you come into the game. In the coming matches we have to continue to have our spirit, never take our leg off in confrontations and help each other because when we do this we are really a strong team. At the physical level we work a lot with the coach and staff during the week to make sure we are ready in the game and on the field then this shows.“