Venezia FC unveils LA84 limited collection

February 18, 2024

Venezia FC is pleased to present LA84, a limited collection inspired by the official uniform worn by the US National Track & Field team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. The tracksuit, made in collaboration with Kappa, is available at and at the official Venezia FC stores in Rialto and SS Apostoli, in Venice, as well as at the Ca' Venezia store in Mestre.

From 1984 to 2024. With the Paris Olympics fast approaching and on the 40th anniversary of the historic edition, which saw the rise of world sports legends such as the "The Son of the Wind '' Carl Lewis, LA84 pays tribute to America's sports heritage and the iconic history of the Olympic Games. The tracksuit, worn by the ArancioNeroVerdi players as they arrive at Penzo Stadium for the Venice-Modena game, features the iconic "banda" that, throughout the 1980s, allowed Kappa to receive worldwide visibility for its innovative design that inextricably linked sports and innovation.

About Venezia FC
Founded in 1907, Venezia FC (VFC) is the professional football club of Venice, Italy. The iconic club is known for its focus on sporting excellence and integrity combined with its mission focused on social responsibility, culture, and the preservation of Venice. Located on the lagoon island of Sant’Elena, the historic club plays at Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo, Italy’s second oldest stadium adjacent to the grounds of the Venice Biennale. For the majority of the club's history, VFC has ranked in Italy's top two divisions. One of the club's most significant achievements was winning the Coppa Italia in 1940-41. Following the union of the two Venetian teams of Venice and Mestre on June 26, 1987, the “arancio, nero, verde” team we know today was formed. Between the timeframe of 2015-2020, VFC was promoted from Serie D, to Serie C, to Serie B and then raised to Serie A in 2021, considered an amazing achievement. The team is currently in Serie B.