Venezia FC release 20/21 photography book

December 24, 2021

Commemorating the club’s historic 2020/21 promotion season, Venezia FC have released a two-part book featuring a collection of football photography and street photography shot by Ethan White, a New York photographer who was behind the scenes in Venice under the Venezia FC Artist-in-Residency program (VFC AiR).

The book includes 96 pages of images from inside the team environment, 96 pages of images from life around the lagoon, and a 32-page middle insert with images from the promotion night on 27 May 2021 and the promotion celebrations on 29 May 2021, which included a parade of historical boats, rowing clubs, and gondolas on the Grand Canal.

Forewords written by Venezia FC president Duncan Niederauer and Ethan White.

Produced in collaboration with Venetian design studio CamuffoLab and Venetian print house Grafiche Veneziane.

Available today, 24 December, at 15:30 on