Venezia FC present 21/22 Rain Collection

April 14, 2022

As Venice’s wet season commences, Venezia FC have released the 21/22 Rain Collection, a limited edition four-piece mini capsule that includes an umbrella, rain poncho, scarf, and fisherman’s hat, available now on

The four pieces share a green-and-orange colorway and a “Venezia” graphic that was repurposed from an obscure 101-year-old artwork: a poster designed by Italian painter, illustrator, and designer Emma Bonazzi to celebrate the 1921 “Venezia Estate Coppa del Re” festival.

The standout piece is the umbrella. The eight-panel canopy features “Venezia” spelled out letter-by-letter across the first seven panels and the Stadio Penzo address and “I Lagunari” nickname printed on the eighth panel. The sturdy construction is finished with a wooden handle.

The rain poncho is a classic stadium item — especially appropriate for Stadio Penzo, where three of the four stands are uncovered and exposed to the elements — in a lightweight polyester with a casual fit that makes it wearable in spring or over layers in colder temperatures. There is a “VFC” monogram at the upper breast, while the back shares the umbrella’s graphic theme.

The scarf is 100% wool, with “Venezia” on the front and a unique blooming footballs artwork on the back.

The fisherman’s hat is 100% cotton with an adjustable cord, featuring “Venezia” on the front and “I Lagunari” on the back.

The rain poncho, scarf, and fisherman’s hat are Made in Italy.