Venezia FC and Iuav Moda collaborate on student workshop

May 7, 2022

Further to its ongoing commitment to community development and alignment with forward-thinking institutions in the city of Venice, Venezia FC have collaborated with Iuav Moda — the renowned fashion program at the Università Iuav di Venezia, one of Europe’s leading universities in the fields of architecture, design, fashion, visual arts, and urban planning — on a student workshop in the spring semester of the 2021-22 academic year.

As part of the Fashion Design Atelier 4, with oversight from Bachelor of Arts program coordinator Gabriele Monti, designer and teacher Renato Montagner prompted students to design capsule collections that would interpret the identity of Venezia FC and the unique characteristics of Venice.

Venezia FC and Mr. Montagner are pleased to highlight three standout projects.

“Riflessi” — Emma Degan, Francesca Guerresco, and Gaia Cesarin
(slideshow images 1-5)

“‘Rifelssi’ is the result of research on images captured from an examination of the city of Venice and what it represents culturally. We think of Venice as synonymous with art and tradition, but also innovation and dynamism. We set out to offer a reinterpretation of femininity in what seems to be a male-dominated world — that of football. The elements of the lagoon's water and its reflections of light are our primary source of inspiration, a concept that manifests in the choice of materials and in the graphics of the foulard.”

“BARENOUFLAGE” — Matteo Negri, Luca Dalla Porta
(slideshow images 9-11)

“‘BARENOUFLAGE’ is a project born from the need to represent and enhance the whole natural environment that hosts the city of Venice. We often forget that the city lives and grows in symbiosis with the lagoon that surrounds it and is at the same time cradled and at its mercy. The Barena is a part of the Venice Lagoon, where many varieties of flora and fauna live and grow, which for centuries have been a source of sustenance for the man who lives in the Lagoon. A tribute to the Venetian natural environment and to the people who live there.”

“Futuring Felt” — Camilla Amenta, Mariacristina Bandiera, Camilla Rampon
(slideshow images 7-9)

“‘Futuring Felt’ is a project that moves between past and present, drawing on Venice’s historical roots to read the contemporary world through an unprecedented lens. The imagery we drew inspiration from is closely linked to the authenticity of the Venetian folklore tradition. These references declined in the design sphere have led to the unusual coexistence of two materials that apparently translate different worlds, an ancient fabric such as felt, with precious properties thanks to its unique structure, and of technical fabrics strictly linked to the outdoor world and modernity, such as nylon.”

Established in 1926 as one of the first architecture schools in Italy, Iuav combines a renowned tradition with a strong commitment to continual innovation.

Degree programs and courses in English, a wide network of worldwide partners in teaching and research, a number of visiting academics and professionals and vibrant student community from all over the world make Iuav a true international university.

Since 2005, the Bachelor of Arts program in Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts at Iuav has been continuously engaged in research and teaching, focused on defining an Italian fashion school. One of three tracks in the program, the Fashion Design track, founded by Maria Luisa Frisa, aims at excellence by training designers able to face the challenges of the fashion industry at the standard of one of the top fashion schools in the world. Thanks to an international teaching staff made up of professors and designers and to experimental design workshops and ateliers, graduating students are able to conceive, design, and create a collection, to use heterogeneous tools and languages, and to reflect on fashion as a cultural system.