Introducing the Venezia FC Bond

May 24, 2022

Venezia FC president Duncan Niederauer is offering supporters and other investors the chance to invest in the Venezia FC Bond, which will raise capital to fund the development of the Club’s new training ground.

Investors will earn 7.5% interest annually and will be paid a one-off 15% bonus if the club are promoted to Serie A during the lifetime of the five-year bond.

The minimum subscription is €1,000 and thereafter in increments of €1,000.

Investors can invest now with the offer due to close no later than 7 July.

The Venezia FC Bond will be available through Tifosy, the leading sports advisory and capital solutions firm, which has previously arranged similar bonds for English clubs such as QPR and Norwich City.

Duncan Niederauer:

“Central to our strategy, our most important investment in 2022 will be a significant enhancement to our training facility. Our dream is to see our new training centre become a home for the entire Venezia FC family. The centerpiece of the project will be a state-of-the-art headquarters, which will change how we work, recruit, connect and perform every day.

As we transition from a period of rebuilding to a focus on our long-term future, we feel that the time is right to offer our partners and supporters an opportunity to share in our successes on and off the pitch through our first ever bond offering. The Venezia FC Bond invites you to invest in the future of the Club, alongside the ownership, by directly funding the construction of our new training centre and headquarters.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in the last two years, and we look forward to an even brighter future ahead. We hope you elect to join us on this journey.”

In addition to the interest payments and the possibility of a major promotion bonus, investors in the Venezia FC Bond will also be entitled to a range of exclusive bondholder privileges depending on the level of their investment, such as dinner with a player and the use of a pitch at the training ground with friends or colleagues.

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Please note that investment in a security of this nature, being an illiquid investment, involves a substantial degree of risk and returns are not guaranteed. An explanation of the risks and the full terms and conditions is available at Approved as a financial promotion by Tifosy Italia SIM S.p.A. which is authorised and regulated by Consob (Resolution No. 22146 of 22 December 2021; SIM Register No. 310).