Rules and Regulations


  1. Stadium refers to the entire structure of the “P.L. Penzo” stadium of Venice used by Venezia F.C. including all external areas delimited by fences including areas owned or occupied by the Club
  2. Club refers to Venezia F.C.
  3. Event refers to all sporting events which take place in the Stadium and which are organized and run by the Venezia F.C.

General Norms

  1. Venezia F.C. organizer of the sporting Event is responsible for issuing and distributing tickets for the event which will take place at the “P.L. Penzo” stadium;
  2. The purchase of a ticket valid for access and presence in the Stadium determines compliance with the Rules and Regulations and norms set out by the Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportive, by C.O.N.I, FIFA, UEFA, F.I.G.C, L.N.P, Venezia F.C. and Public Safety Authorities.
  3. By purchasing the ticket the ticket holder shall commit, take note, respect and accept all points outlined in the Rules and Regulations while present in the stadium; the compliance to such norms is indispensable for access and stay of spectators in the Stadium;
  4. Access to the stadium is subject to prevention and safety controls, on the persons and bags and/or containers, with the aim of ensuring that no non-authorised objects or illegal substances, prohibited or likely to harm or provoke acts of violence are introduced into the Stadium; Such controls may take place by way of metal detectors or by stewards themselves.
  5. By purchasing a ticket, the buyer implicitly authorizes the Club, to ask for a person to be searched and to deny access to whoever does not comply to such safety checks;
  6. Non compliance to the present “Rules and Regulations” may result in the immediate termination of the service contract and the expelling of the offender as well as the application of the sanctions laid down by the relevant norms.
  7. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to the stadium to persons who do not comply with these Rules and Regulations.



  1. Access to the Stadium is authorized only after presentation of a valid ticket per person, which shall be kept for the whole duration of the Event and produced at any time upon request by the personel. A valid ID shall be presented upon request.
  2. For the access to the Stadium, a valid ID is requested and must be shown to the stewards or law enforcement in order to verify that the ticket corresponds to its owner;
  3. The ticket is personal and will be issued only after registration of the personal information of the buyer, it is non-transferable without prior authorization by the Club who will change the personal details of the new ticket holder. Any ticket sold illegally shall be confiscated by the stewards, Club personnel or law enforcement;
  4. Whoever accesses the club illegally without a valid ticket is punishable by law and subject to financial sanctions going from 103€ to 516€ (Law of 19 april 2003 No 28  paragraph 7 28/2003 converted and amended by Law 88/2003
  5. Public Safety Authorities is permitted to remove any unauthorized objects and search any persons who want to or have entered the Stadium. People who are on compliant to such searches by the stewards or Public Safety Authorities will be denied access or removed from the Stadium;
  6. Tickets can be purchased pre-sales or at authorized selling points;
  7. Tickets for the “Guest Stand” can be purchased exclusively by guest fan holder cards up to hour 7.00pm on the day prior to the game;
  8. Any person in possession of a valid ticket who leaves the stadium will not be allowed back in;
  9. For security reasons the Public Safety Authorities or the Club may limitate or forbid access or presence in the Stadium to valid ticket holders. In any case no person who has been subject to a ban for acts of sportive violence;
  10. During their stay in the Stadium, spectators must without question, follow the indications instructions, and guidelines set out by the stewards,easily recognizable thanks to yellow and/or orange jackets and to law enforcement and to Public Safety Authorities.The personnel is there for your safety: please collaborate in order to attend the games safely and in tranquillity;
  11. Access to the stadium to the fans who wish to put up banners or prepare choreographies is permitted 1 hour prior to opening to the public, such activities must be over before opening to the public;
  12. Whoever attends the sport Events acknowledges that his own movements within or around the Stadium are at his own risk and that neither the Club nor any other organisation may be held accountable for any risk, danger and loss, including physical damages, damages to the proper belongings or for any other incident which derive from their presence at the Stadium, whether it happens before, during or after the Event. The Club is not liable, unless proven otherwise, for loss, accidents and/or damages to persons or things within the Stadium or its surrounding areas.


It is forbidden to introduce, banners or other similar material including those for the choreographies, without prior authorization. Furthermore the introduction of drums or any other forms of sound diffusor, (trumpets, megaphones etc).

Within the limits set out by the Club, banners containing writings which support ones team for the Event in question, will be allowed by forwarding the material to the Club 7 days prior to the Event.

Always authorized:

  1. Introducing and displaying of flags, scarves, ribbons, hats/caps, jerseys with the team’s colours and/or other folkloric items, which by design, cannot be used improperly as a blunt instrument (e.g no hard sides);
  2. Introducing and displaying national flags of the teams represented on the pitch.

Always forbidden:

  1. Introducing and displaying of banners with violent, abusive content, or which is forbidden by current legislation (expressions of racism, anti semitism, blasphemy etc);
  2. Introducing drums, megaphones or any other forms of sound diffusor;
  3. Introducing any kind of banners or other similar material including those for the choreographies, without prior authorization;
  4. Displaying any material which due its dimensions might prevent visibility to others;
  5. Introducing material, even previously authorized, after the gates have been open to the public;
  6. Introducing material which is believed to be dangerous to public safety and fire safety.


May be authorized:

  1. Introducing and displaying banners containing writings which support ones team for the Event in question
  2. Introducing and using material necessary for the choreographies.


  1. In each sector of the stadium there is a refreshments point;
  2. The first aid service is available at the pitch side of the central stand;
  3. In each sector there are rest rooms;
  4. For any assistance and/or emergency please ask our stewards, easily recognizable thanks to yellow and/or orange jackets, seek the nearest to you for any assistance.


  1. Try to remain calm and not panic;
  2. Do not attempt to recover personal belongings;
  3. Leave the sectors in an orderly fashion through the marked exit ways by following the instructions given by our stewards, recognizable thanks to yellow and/or orange fluorescent jackets, giving right of way to weaker or disabled people;
  4. In the event of medical emergency, please ask the nearest steward, recognizable thanks to yellow and/or orange fluorescent jackets, who will contact via radio the safety officer located in the GOS room which is always in contact with the doctor coordinating the medical service.



  1. The Club cannot guarantee that the game will take place on the day or at the time previously established and reserves the right to reschedule the game without prior notice, without being held liable;
  2. In such cases the ticket will be reimbursed excluding the right to pre sales within the 8th match day following the Event in question, at the presales points where the tickets were purchased;
  3. The reimbursement will take place only upon return of the the ticket;
  4. In case of suspension of the game in the second half, tickets will not be valid when the game is replayed


In accordance with the current legislation whoever refuses to undergo security checks, including alcohol tests, will not be allowed into the Stadium.

The following behaviours must be considered forbidden and prosecuted by law.

  1. Entering the Stadium without a valid ticket pursuant to M.D. 6/6/2005;
  2. Entering and staying in the Stadium while drunk or under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances;
  3. Obstructing gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, escape routes,  stairways and similar such places without just cause
  4. Standing on the seats, circulating from sector to sector without authorisation, obstructing gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, escape routes, stairways and similar such places
  5. Gaining access to reserved areas or other areas which are closed off to the public, entering or leaving the stadium through exits or access points that are to be used as exit routes in case of danger, that is, entrances, stairways, landings etc;
  6. Whoever illegally occupies any areas of the structure which are closed off to the public will be fined 103 to 516€ (Law 19 April 2003 n.88 art 1d par. 6)
  7. Having a violent behaviour, instigating violence, racism, or acting in such ways that others could interpret as provocative, menacing, discriminating or offensive (Law 13 december 1989 n.401 art.6 par. 1 and 5)
  8. Using intimidation, coercion, insults and/or provocation towards others, including referees, players, officers or safety personnel;
  9. Expressing any form of racial, ethnic, religious or other discrimination, or any other expression of intolerance;
  10. Using disguises which prevents from seeing the face;
  11. Lighting fires;
  12. Climbing over the walls or the sector fences and invading the pitch;
  13. Causing damage to things or people, damaging, misusing or disfiguring in any way, structures, infrastructures or the ground facilities;
  14. Climbing on the structures of the Stadium, lightning poles, fences, rooftops, shelters, or any other constructions or standing on the seats;
  15. Carrying out any kind of promotional or business activity without previous authorisation and regulated by the existing safety regulations, sanctioned by the confiscation of the material used for such prohibited activities;
  16. Any other acts which the Security personnel deem annoying or dangerous to others;
  17. Disturbing the regular course of the Event is financially punishable from 26€ to 156€ (Law 13 December 1989 n. 401 art. 7)


It is strictly forbidden to bring and/or be in possession within the Stadium:

  1. Any kind of weapon regardless of the type, explosive material, pyrotechnics, smoke bombs, knives or other cutting objects, any instrument which can be used to offend or used to such purpose; (Law 13 December 1989 n. 401)
  2. All objects, materials or substances which may be thrown, or constitute a threat to safety, public order, or may provoke damages to people or things or interrupt the course of the Event
  3. Poisons, harmful substances, flammable substances,explosives liquids, gasses, drugs, stones and alcoholic beverages, bottles or containers of liquids (other drinks may be brought in but drank exclusively with plastic or paper glasses) frozen substances and any other item which may be thrown;
  4. Displaying signs, flags, placards, scarves, drawings, flyers, documents, banners or any other similar material with offensive, malicious, provocative, containing propaganda of any kind, political, ideological or religious, allegations or concepts which may encourage violence or which may incite its destinaries to violence, or which in any case may disrupt the course of the Event or which in any case have not been granted authorization;
  5. Motorbike helmets, bulky luggage such as mobile freezers/ice boxes, suitcases etc;
  6. Umbrellas, unless declared harmless by the security personnel;
  7. Animals with the exception of guide/ rescue dogs;
  8. Any other objects which have been identified, by the security personnel, and,or any other authorised person, and might jeopardize the safety and/or reputation of Venezia F.C.


During the Events at the P.L. Penzo Stadium it is forbidden to: bring in, administrate or sell alcoholic beverages regardless of the alcoholic level.



CCTV cameras are in use in and around the Stadium. Recordings are in compliance with legislation 196/2003 and MD 6 June 2005. Law enforcement and competent authorities may keep the footage 7 days after the Event before being cancelled.

It is the right of the criminal police, pursuant to the law 19 december 1989 No 41 and subsequent amendments, to arrest those EVEN IF NOT IN THE ACT, within 48 hours (art 8, par.1 ter):

  1. Responsible of violent crimes committed against people or things during or because of professional Events and for which arrest is obligatory under article 380 and 381 C.P.P.(art 8, par.1 bia)
  2. Whoever throws blunt instruments or any other similar objects, as well as pyrotechnics, and which may be dangerous to others, in the places where the Event takes place, waiting areas, transit areas or transport areas used by those who come to take part to the said Event (art.6 par.1);
  3. Offenders who have been banned from the places where the Event takes place under article 6 paragraph 1, or who are required to appear at the commanding or police offices under paragraph 2 of the quoted art. 6.


Also punished under law 401/89 are the following:

  1. Climbing over barriers and invading the pitch – “ unless the act constitutes a more serious offence, whoever, crosses illegally any fences or dividers during the course of the Event or invades the pitch, will be punished, if such acts bring to a concrete case of danger for others, by being arrested for up to one year, or by a fine from 1000€ to 5000€ (art. 6 paragraph 2)
  2. Being caught in possession of pyrotechnics whilst at an Event – “unless the act constitutes a more serious offence, whoever, in the places where the Event takes places, waiting areas, transit areas or transport areas used by those who come to take part to the said Event or in the close vicinity and is found in possession of flares, Bengal Lights, fireworks, bangers, or any other similar item used to produce visible smoke or gas, sticks, bats, tagging or polluting material, blunt objects, or in any case harmful, will be punished, by imprisonment, from 6 months to 3 years, and a fine going from 1000 € to 5000€. Crimes which were committed 24 hours prior to the Event are also punishable. (art. 6 ter).
  3. Disturbance of the Event – “unless the act constitutes a more serious offence, whoever disturbs the regular course of the Event, will be financially punished between 25€ and 154€. It is the prefect who imposes such sanctions and the proceeds basse on to the State” (art. 7)
  4. Regulations governing use and its sanctions – whoever enters the sports grounds in violation of the regulations and governing use, that is stays on the grounds when violation of the regulations governing use results in being removed from the grounds, and has been established through the proper video or photographic footage, or any other means, will be punished by by financial administrative sanction ranging from 100€ to 500€. The fine will be increased should the fact be reiteration of a previous fact even if committed on other sports grounds. In the event where in the first moment, to the offender, DASPO and provisions can be applied for a duration between 3 months and 2 years, (Art. 1 seventh subsection of D.L 28/2003 converted L.88/2003 )



  1. All seats are numbered, the spectator has the right/duty to occupy, exclusively, the seat allocated to him as shown on the ticket;
  2. No spectator may stand during the course of the game;
  3. All spectators who enter the Stadium, may not move from one sector to another unless they have been previously authorized by the Club or Law Enforcement
  4. The sector allocated to visiting fans is used exclusively for such matter, except where the Club by mutual agreement with the Autorità Provinciale di P.S., decide otherwise.



  1. Whoever behaves violently, offensively and/or insultingly, in a racial, ethnical, religious discriminatory fashion towards spectators or athletes present on the sports grounds;
  2. Whoever damages the structure or behaves in such a manner which threatens the safety of spectators;
  3. Whoever entered the grounds without a valid ticket or holds a ticket that is not in his name;
  4. Whoever occupies transit ways or any other similar areas;
  5. Whoever displays offensive banners against any person and/or institution.



  1. Whoever attends a sporting Event at the stadium, acknowledges the fact that it is a public event and therefore accepts and authorizes the future use of any sound and/or footage which may be recorded and that free use of his/her voice, image or aspect by means of broadcasting live or via recordings, via radio, or any other forms or even through recordings, photographies or any other forms of technology present and/or future;
  2. Therefore it is forbidden to bring into the area allocated to the Event, audio or video recording devices, camcorders, movie cameras, and cameras;
  3. Whoever attends the game shall not record and/or broadcast sounds, images and/or descriptions of the Stadium or the game (nor statistics and/or result of the same) other than those allowed for private use and in a non professional manner;
  4. In any case it is strictly forbidden to broadcast via the internet, radio, television, or any present and/or future means of communication, sounds, images, descriptions, statistics and/or results of the game in its entirety or partially nor is it permitted to assist others to participate in such activities;
  5. The use of mobile phones is allowed within the Stadium exclusively for personal and private use.