Rules and behaviours of the fans


Venezia FC (also Club) intends to promote a new model of management of the sport competitions, with the aim to recover the social dimensions of the soccer game, which is a formative and educational instrument but also of aggregation and integration, also through the overcoming of differences between individuals or groups.

In such context, Venezia FC deems of fundamental importance to ensure the participation of its own fans and in general to all of those who get access to the sporting Events, including fans of the opponent, and all the participants, in the same way as the protagonists of the Event , they are required to contribute in order to guarantee that the Event takes place in a serene fashion and to valorize the founding principles of the sport such as, passion, entertainment, and participation.

In order to reach such purposes, the Club has adopted, pursuing to article 12 of the Sporting code of Justice of the F.I.G.C. (as modified by the statement of the F.I.G.C.No 15 OF 7.03.2018) and of (the memo of the F.I.G.C. OF 8.05.2018) the present “Code of Conduct of the Venezia FC fans”.

Through this Code of Conduct, which is integrated with the Rules and Regulations of the P.L. Penzo Stadium, (“Rules and Regulations”), the Club intends to share with its own supporters, and with all other participants including the fans of the opponents,  (altogether called “Addressees”) the ethical and behavioral principles, to which is given primary value, as much as the measures and initiatives which shall be taken by Venezia FC against those who behave in contrast with these principles, or which may in some way harm the image or reputation of Venezia FC.

Under the present Code of Conduct, furthermore the satisfactory system is declined, through which Venezia FC will ensure the evaluation and management of conducts which are not conform to principles listed below.

All the Addressees are required to respect the Code of Conduct and the Rules and Regulations, which constitute an effective part of the contractual rules between the Club and each participant.

Purchasing a ticket or a Season ticket to see the Venezia FC games or in accessing the Stadium where the games of the Venezia FC take place, implies accepting pro tempore  the terms set out in the Code of Conduct and the Rules and Regulations, also regarding the satisfactory system and measures therein, set out in case of violation, as well as the commitment to respect its corresponding provisions.

In order to allow to the correct knowledge of the documents, the Code of Conduct and Rules and Regulations are published on the website


  1. Correctness and respect of the existing legislation

Behavioural Correctness and respect of national and international existing legislation are the primary values of Venezia FC.

Venezia FC promotes and welcomes with gratitude, all demonstrations of support of its own fans during the Events, The behaviours of the Addressees must not however be in contrast with the existing legislation or in any case constitute a danger for the safety of people or for the public order. During their participation to the Events, the Addressees are required to act in a proper fashion, through the respect of all other participants at the Event (e.g. the other Addressees, the players on the field, etc.) as well as those who operate in order to safeguard public safety and ensure that the Event proceeds accordingly, Stewards, Law Enforcement.

In this sense, the principles and rules of the Code of Conduct must be deemed valid, and as such must be respected, even in relation to away games played by Venezia FC, or in any other Stadium that is not P.L.Penzo in Venice.

In no case shall allegations claiming to be in the interest or favour of Venezia FC may justify behaviour non compliant with the existing legislation, the Code of Conduct or the Rules and Regulations.


  1. Fair Play and Sportsmanship

Venezia FC firmly believes in the fundamental values of sport such as fair play and sportsmanship, as well as the contribution the sport may give in terms of “positive socializing”, aggregation, and integration.


For this reason the Addressees, must refrain from behaving contrarily to the spirit of Sportsmanship or in any case of sport laws, as it is strictly forbidden to:

  1. Carry out, even through third parties, any direct actions or in any case potentially capable of altering the regular course or the result of the games (e.g. invading the pitch);
  2. Offer, even indirectly or through an intermediary, money or other benefits to Managers, footballers of Venezia FC or other clubs with the intention of altering the result of a game;
  3. Force with violence or threats, or in any way encourage managers or players, even indirectly, or through third parties, to alter the result of a game;
  4. Ask for money or other benefits, even indirectly, or through third parties, to the managers or players of Venezia FC and/or any other Clubs in order to receive undue benefits.

Those who shall commit one or more of the above mentioned violations will be punished by (par 7.A, lett. c) and d)).


  1. Correctness and Integrity.

The Venezia FC fans are known all over the world for their great passion and unique warmth which links them to their favourite team.

The Club intends to continue to promote the presence and participation of its own fans, which represent a fundamental component and indispensable for the success of the team. Venezia FC will always be on the side of the fans who intend on supporting the team, in accordance with the necessity of guaranteeing correct behaviour, eticaly positive and in respect of decency.

On the basis of the strict necessity to ensure the regular course of the Events as well as to safeguard the image and reputation of Venezia FC, the following conducts must be deemed strictly forbidden:

  1. Damaging, deteriorating, tagging, dirtying, or tampering in any way, structures, infrastructures, or facilities of the Stadium;
  2. Bringing in or being in possession of poisons, hazardous substances, flammable or tagging materials and drugs;
  3. Bringing in or selling alcoholic beverages over 5% alcohol, except if previously authorized for certain areas by the competent authority
  4. Displaying material which impedes the visibility of other spectators or emergency signs, or which in any case constitute an obstacle to the transit ways towards the pitch;
  5. Carrying out any form of business activity which has not been previously authorized;
  6. Bringing in or selling within the Stadium, beverages in cans, plastic or glass bottles, except if previously authorized by the competent authorities;
  7. Bringing in animals of any kind unless proper authorization has been granted by the competent authorities;
  8. Bringing in and displaying banners, signs, placards, fliers, documents, drawings, printed or written material which are different to those authorized by the GOS (Gruppo Operativo per la Sicurezza) upon request of Venezia FC; which in any case may not be displayed in areas different to those indicated by the Club and must be removed at the end of the Event;
  9. Organizing unauthorized choreographies that is, different to those authorized by the GOS upon request of Venezia FC;
  10. Behaving, within the Stadium or reserved areas outside of the Stadium, in a manner that is in contrast with decorum, public decency, morale or in anyway contrary to the rules set out by the Club regarding specific sectors, or occupying a seat different to the one assigned as per the ticket, unless otherwise authorised by the Club upon authorization of the competent authorities.


In addition to the above mentioned, and in the interest of further valorizing the importance of the principles of correctness and integrity and taking into consideration the safeguarding of own rights and interests, Venezia FC reserves the right to withdraw its proper satisfaction, in accordance with the modalities and terms set out by par. 7 as a result of the following behaviours, even if they took place outside of the Stadium or in any case in relation to events different from the Venezia FC games:

  1. Expression of insults or disrespect, or inciting to violence or discrimination no matter the reason, expressed during public events and/or on social media, (including but not limited to blogs, professional networks, company networks, internet forums, social gaming, social networks, video sharing, virtual worlds, etc.) ;
  2. Participation and/or involvement in riots, fights, confrontations, or in other facts that constitute a danger to public order or to safety;
  3. Participation, ascertained by the judicial authorities to facts that constitute a crime and punishable by over 3 years of incarceration;
  4. Illegal use of the Venezia FC brands or for which it has a licence (e.g. illegal production and/or selling of material with Venezia FC brand etc.);
  5. Illegal copying of videos, sounds, images, programmes, etc, in violation of Venezia FC copyright (e.g. live broadcasting of footage of a game on social media etc.)


In this respect it is stated that:

  • For the conducts in the above mentioned letters A), B), K), the measures laid down in subsequent par.7 lett a), b),c)and d) may be applied
  • For the conducts in the above mentioned letters M), N), O), P), Q) the measures laid down in subsequent par.7 lett a), c)and d) may be applied
  • For the conducts in the above mentioned letters C), D), E), F), G), H), I), J), L) the measures laid down in subsequent par.7 lett a), b),c)and d) may be applied


  1. The rejection of any for of violence, insult and discrimination

Venezia FC strictly rejects and repudiates any form of violence towards people or things, as well as any form of insult, offence or discrimination, including by way of example those for reasons of gender, race, sexual orientation, health conditions, nationality, territorial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs.

Therefore, are strictly forbidden, conducts that even indirectly may constitute a form of violence or which in any case may lead to such behaviours, including,

  1. Chants and expressions inciting to violence or discrimination no matter the reason;
  2. Chants and expressions which constitute offence or insult even if indirectly
  3. Bringing in and/or displaying banners, signs, placards, fliers, documents, drawings, printed or written material, which alone or combined may constitute, for whatever reason and even indirectly, expressions of violence, discrimination, offence ,insult;
  4. Any form of violence, physical or psychological towards other fans, personnel, (e.g. stewards), Law Enforcement, as is punishable any conduct that may generate or fuel, riots, fights, confrontations etc.;

Those who shall commit one or more of the above mentioned violations will be punished according to subsequent (par 7.A, lett a), b), c) and d).


  1. Safeguarding of public order

The safeguarding of public order and safety of the spectators, athletes, and of all of those which operate during the Events is an essential requirement for Venezia FC.

The Addressees are therefore asked, not only to refrain from any kind of behaviour or conduct which might constitute a danger to public order or individual safety, but to cooperate with Law Enforcement and the Venezia FC staff in order to guarantee the regular course of the Event as well as stop potential forbidden or dangerous behaviours.

In particular, the following behaviours, deemed dangerous for the public order and the individual safety are strictly forbidden:

  1. Bringing into the Stadium, stones, knives, weapons, objects capable of offending, harming, sound instruments, any system used to produce rays of light such as lasers and other objects which create disturbance or danger to those present in the Stadium;
  2. Lighting and/or use and/or throwing, in the direction of the pitch or other sectors, flares, Bengal Lights, fireworks, bangers, or any other similar item used to produce visible smoke or gas;
  3. Throwing from the stands, in direction of the pitch or other sectors, offensive or harmful objects
  4. Lighting fires within the Stadium
  5. Bringing in belts with big metal buckles and other accessories which may constitute a danger for the safety of the Event;
  6. Bringing into the Stadium, umbrellas, unless declared harmless by the security personnel
  7. Bringing into the Stadium, crutches unless they have been authorized;
  8. Obstructing gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, escape routes, stairways and similar such places without just cause;
  9. Climbing on balustrades, railings, dividers or other structures which are not destined to the stationing of the public;
  10. Bringing in or wearing vests or items which are similar to those worn by the stewards or other personnel;
  11. Access illegally, for example climbing over dividers and any other structures, to a sector that is different to the one shown on the ticket;
  12. Transfer ones own ticket in violation of the existent legislation and/or agreement with Venezia FC
  13. Obstruct Law Enforcement or Venezia FC personnel which are intervening in order to stop behaviours that are contrary to the rules of the present Code of Conduct.


 In this respect it is stated that:

  • For the conducts in the above mentioned letters a), b), c), d) the measures laid down in subsequent par.7 lett a), b), c) and d) may be applied;
  • For the conducts in the above mentioned letters e), f), g), h), i), j) the measures laid down in subsequent par.7 lett a), and b) may be applied;
  • For the conducts in the above mentioned letters k ), l ), m) the measures laid down in subsequent par.7 lett a), and b) may be applied.

It is fundamental that the Addressees, comply to the safety and control measures set out by the Public Authorities and/or the Club, for reasons of public order (e.g. checking of their tickets and documents in order to gain access to the Stadium, checking of their banners or other objects they wish to bring into the Stadium; prohibition to bring in unauthorized material or objects, etc.) including those regarding:

  • Unauthorized transferring of the ticket to someone else;
  • Potential confiscation of prohibited material or objects;
  • Placing guest fans exclusively within the sector allocated to them;
  • Adopting restrictions for the access to the Stadium to Venezia FC fans.


  1. The Supporter Liaison Officer

With the aim of facilitating the relations between the Club and its supporters, Venezia FC has nominated a Supporter Liaison Officer (“SLO”).

Supporters may interact with the SLO for any issues or questions they may have regarding their attending the matches. To this purpose a direct line of communication has been set up via electronic mail at [email protected].

  1. The “satisfactory agreement”


  1.        The Measures applicable

Venezia FC intends to do all that is in its power to guarantee, to all of those who wish to take part in the Events organized by the Club, a safe and suitable environment for any type of spectator, with particular attention for the needs of families and children.

In light of this, in accordance and as set out by art. 12 of the Sporting Judicial Code of the F.I.G.C (as modified by the statement of the F.I.G.C.No 15 OF 7.03.2018) and of the memo of the F.I.G.C. of 8.05.2018, the violation of the principles and behavioural rules indicated in the Code of Conduct and Rules and Regulations will be the object of specific actions and measures by the Club, which may temporarily or definitively withdraw the satisfactory agreement, which is indispensable in order to access the Stadium, to those protagonists of conducts which contrast with the aforementioned set of principles and rules.


In Particular, in the case of violation of the present Code of Conduct and/or Rules of Regulations, Venezia FC may adopt the following measures, without being liable to indemnify and/or provide compensation:

  1. Injunction in respect of the Code of Conduct and/or Rules and Regulations;
  2. Expulsion from the Stadium even during the course of an Event;
  3. Suspension for un or more games or for a determined period of time of the season ticket, keeping by way of penalty the sums paid for the Events not used
  4. Refuse to allow the purchase of one or more tickets for one or more games or for a determined period of time and/or in relation to the purchase of a season ticket for one or more seasons.


The relevant factors to determine the measure are:

  • The intention or the grade of negligence, recklessness or incompetence regarding the predictability of the event where verifiable;
  • The severity of the violation;
  • The damage even non-economic, caused to other supporters and/or to Venezia FC and/or third parties;
  • Having committed similar violations in the three previous years (repeated offence);
  • The causing of an effective danger to public order or individual safety;
  • Potential sharing of the responsibilities of other individuals who took part in the violation;


In this respect it is established that:

  • The above mentioned measures may be applied jointly, to the extent provided in the previous paragraphs;
  • In such cases where in one act, several violations were committed, it is the most severe measure set out which is applied;
  • In the case of particular minor nature of the offence, the Club may decide not to apply some measures;
  • Even in the case of the application, towards the Addressees, to one of the above mentioned measures, the subsequent relevant aspects of the violations remain in effect, in accordance with the existing law (e.g from a penal or administrative point of view) as well as actions and the sanctions which should be taken by the Public Authorities (e.g “DASPO” that is the prohibition to attend sporting events).


  1. Regulation code for the ceding of tickets for football events

In view of article 12 of the Sport Judicial Code, the present Regulation code for the transfer of tickets for football events (hereinafter: Code ), is adopted and regulated in accordance with the following.


Art.1 The “satisfactory institute” (hereinafter: Satisfactory) is an instrument of a strictly private nature. When exercising the aforementioned, the Sports Club Venezia FC has full rights not to sell a ticket or suspend it should it have already been bought, in respect of people who are deemed “unwelcome” under the present Code. The Satisfactory may be applied not only for the conducts which have been ascertained after the purchase of the ticket or subscribing of a season ticket or other loyalty programmes, but also for behaviours which took place before the purchase of a single ticket or other mentioned tickets or loyalty programmes.


Art.2 Relevant conducts, Are pertinent to the assessment provided for in art.1 all conducts directly linked to a football event (hereinafter: Event ) regardless of the place and the moment in which they take place.

With respect to the present Code, by Event it is intended all initiatives open to the public and organized by the Club, not therefore necessarily coinciding, solely with official games.

The Satisfactory may be carried out in relation to all behaviours which are contrary to the values of the sport, and public sense of decency, as well as all acts which substantiate discriminatory behaviours of racial, territorial, ethnic and religious nature towards fans of the opponent team, the staff, institutions and/or society.

Furthermore other provisions may be applied against all actions which may cause administrative penalties to the Club or which may damage the interests and/or image of the Club itself (including but not excluding the broadcasting of footage in violation of copyright and licensed rights or the diffusion of data or statistic information used for betting).


Art.3 Conditions The injunction does not give right to any form of refund.

The “unwelcome” person is allowed to transfer the ticket already purchased to a third party, if the beneficiary has the proper requisites to benefit from it and if such transfer has not been explicitly prohibited for the Events in question.

The injunction does not affect potential benefits which may have been obtained through loyalty programmes, unless the benefit does not refer to the Event for which the ban was ordered. In such case the benefit may be used for the following game subsequent to those prohibited, provided that the sport calendar allows it, otherwise the benefit is lost.

In the case where, during the period of suspension, the concerned fan, should take part in another relevant conduct in respect of the present Code, he may face an ulterior ban, which is then added to the prior one and without the possibility of integration.

Regardless of the place where the relevant conduct takes place, the Satisfactory is exercised only for the games which take place at the Stadium where the Club plays its home games, excluding therefore, the away games.

Art.4  Publication the present Code is published from the moment it is adopted, on the official website of the Club as well as the selling points or entrances of the sports grounds linked to Venezia FC.


Art.5 Means of detection of the conducts relevant behaviours with respect of exercising the Satisfactory may be obtained by the Club through:

  • Reports made by the stewards, the Safety Officer, the SLO office and/or Club personnel;
  • CCTV footage;
  • Footage broadcast on social networks, in the case whereby the identity of the offender, for the purpose of the present Code, may be established;
  • All open source when the fact have been publicly confirmed


Art.6  Evaluation parameters Evaluation parameters of the relevant conducts for the purpose of the present Code are represented by the following factors:

  • Intent or guilt of the unwelcome behaviour, in relation, for example, to evident premeditation and /or on the contrary, emotional drive;
  • The nature of the “attacked” legal good;
  • The previous behaviour which constitutes a genuine repeated offence or which gave place to simple warnings;
  • The subsequent behaviour which substantiates an industrious redemption attempt, that is, to collaborate in order to eliminate or minimize the damages to the Venezia FC Club through the sanctioned conduct, including admitting responsibility, and showing sincere remorse;
  • The role held by the offender, for example, if he is the direct perpetrator or a mere participant.


The facts committed within the Stadium which also incorporate violation of the Rules of Conduct will be punished by both types of measures (Penalties and bans) as thy are different in nature.

Art.7 Duration of the provisions The duration of the bans is proportional to the severity of the fact evaluated according to Art.6.

The duration range of the bans may vary from a minimum of one or more games up to a determined number sport seasons.


It is through and informatic platform that the Club will register and report the suspension period of the Satisfactory, to the company in charge of ticketing for the home games, by way of inserting an alert which will be registered, collected and treated with respect for the present or future regulations in terms of privacy.

Art. 8 Procedure  The dispute of the detected conduct containing the description of the violation  is communicated to the offender which has been identified as responsible through the data registered at the time of purchasing the ticket (if the conduct is subsequent to the purchase of the ticket), or through direct knowledge, or also through Law Enforcement, to which the Club may turn to in case of wanting to press charges against the offender, by registered post and/or other means, within 7 days of having identified the person in question.

The offender who is held responsible of the unwelcome conduct, within 5 days of receiving the dispute, has the right present to the Club, the proper justification, for the Club to evaluate whether to modify or withdraw the provisions, as well as asked to be heard.

Within the following 20 days, the Club decides on how to proceed with such request.

After 20 days should the Club not have pronounced itself in favour, the instance is to be considered rejected.

Art.9 Minors It is possible to issue preventive measures with regard to minors, provided that they are fourteen years of age or more.

The minor in possession of a season ticket whose parent has been banned may be accompanied to the Stadium by another adult in possession of a valid ticket.


Art.10 Relationship with other procedures

The application of the preventive measures does not prejudice, in any case, the right of the Sports Company to take action in any court of law against the perpetrator of the violation.

  1. Penalty proceedings

The measures to apply in conjunction with the relative starting date, are established by the Safety Officer of the P.L.Penzo Stadium and based on the elements, findings, an the information gathered, taking into consideration the elements indicated in paragraph.A.

The offender will be informed of the measures via e-mail or certified electronic mail PEC or registered post, at the address given on the subscription for or from public registry.


  1. Reexamination procedure

Once the information regarding the measures the ban or the suspension or withdrawal of the Satisfactory, the offender, may ask for the reexamination of the provisions within the following 15 days, by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

By means of reexamination request, the offender may describe his position by attaching relevant documentation.

The supervisory body, based on the elements at their disposal, shall decide conclusively, on whether or not to confirm, modify, revoke the provisions, by informing the offender as per the existing regulations, including the right to appeal to the legal authorities.


Change of user

Pursuant to existing legislation, it is forbidden to enter the stadium with a ticket which shows the name of a different person.



The change of user may be done:


You will be required to enter the Venezia FC Supporter Card data, and security code (date of birth under the format DDMMYY), click SEND and follow the instructions, print the receipt which will automatically be sent via mail. IMPORTANT: please use the Google Chrome browser and allow popups.

  • At the M9 Store in Mestre, (paying service 2€) by showing your Supporter card and Season Ticket and the Supporter Card of the person receiving the subscription


The Subscriptions which can avail of the Change of user are:

  • Full Subscription: transferable to anyone in possession of a Venezia FC Supporter Card, without gender or age limitations;
  • Woman reduced or over 65 Subscription: transferable to peer categories, therefore the change may be done in favour of women and/or over 65s
  • Under 30 and special under 30 Subscription: transferable to peer categories, therefore the change may be done in favour of another under 30

Please be advised the Family or Disabled Subscriptions are non transferable


The change of user may be done:

Please be advised that the Guest Sector tickets, accreditation F.I.G.C.-C.O.N.I.-A.I.A. and Differently Abled are non transferable.


In the absence of completion of the above mentioned procedures, or in the absence of a receipt attesting of the name of user change, access to the stadium will be denied.